Link Popularity – The Easiest Ways To Do It

June 19, 2007

The easiest way to generate links for yourself, in people either linking to you or contacting you to link to them is…..WRITE COMPELLING CONTENT! That’s it!! People should come to your site and even if they don’t generate a “sale” for you, they should leave feeling either happy or informed.

Informative content is the easiest way to get people to link to you. Make it seem like your main focus is not just selling your product, but also informing the consumer about the product. If you have to go out and contact other webmasters about a possible link exchange, they are much more likely to link up with you if you have COMPELLING CONTENT! What a concept – If you write it(quality at least!) they will come. Just like the movie – sort of.

Just remember though, in terms of ranking relevance, when people are linking to you and you are spidered, it says that you are “Very Important”! But when you return the link, or exchange links, with another site and you are spidered, it says that you are “Not that Important”. Makes sense though right? With COMPELLING CONTENT more people will want to link to you because you are a better information resource than they are. It gives you a lot of leverage when just starting out and really helps you build your online momentum much quicker than someone whose site really offers nothing that sets them apart from the next guy.

And having a properly SEO’d site doesn’t hurt either! As you get more and more links, try to keep outbound links relevant to your vertical. Which mean, don’t link to if you are selling car tires because a spider will lower your relevance because it sees which has absolutely nothing to do with what you are offering…

More later….Questions, comments, SEGA!